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Full Version: Ple4Win hardware key and the internet
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Under normal circumstances, the Ple4Win program tries to access a certified timeserver on the internet about once every month. If the internet-connection is blocked (because a firewall prevents the access or because the computer is only used off-line) Ple4Win will eventually produce an error message and will stop working.

However, Ple4Win can handle this situation correctly.
If you have a closed firewall or no internet connection, start the program InternetAccess.exe in the directory Ple4Win is installed (usually C:\Program Files\Ple4Win professional\). The program will show the message "Changed Ple4Win's configuration to PREVENT it from accessing the Internet." After clicking 'OK' to close the message Ple4Win can be used without it ever trying to access the internet again.

One disadvantage for customers renting the program (or extra modules) remains if no internet access is possible: It is not possible to set a rental start date to the future, e.g. get a license file this week to instruct the key to become active next week automatically. With no internet access the context file / license file routine must be performed at the point in time the key has to become active.

If the firewall is reprogrammed to allow Ple4Win to access the internet (or an internet connection becomes available), the InternetAccess.exe-program can be run again. That will change the message to "Changed Ple4Win's configuration to ALLOW it to access the Internet.", restoring the default situation.