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Full Version: Output tables inconsistent in case of weak elements
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If I want to use Excel to check the Von Mises stresses from output table CSTRMAX and from output table PIPEMAT (0,85(Re+ReT)/1,1) there is a inconsistency in the output tables.

The row of weak elements are not given (hidden) in the output tables of function 6,2.

So when copying both output tables to Excel, the table row length is not the same in the case when there are weak elements in the configuration.

Why don't you hide those weak elements by default in the other functions. It should only be viewable when a user selects "Weak" elements from the Groups menu.
This behaviour is by design: Design functions 5 and 6 basically only do calculations on "real" elements, those functions ignore "weak" elements completely. Furthermore, in DF6.2 the user can define any combination of elements to be calculated (through the table SECTION). So in most cases the content of the DF6.2 output tables has little resemblance with the output tables of e.g. DF3.1.

To compare DF3.1 and DF6.2 output tables line-by-line in Excel (by the way, why do you want to do that?), it is necessary to either add empty rows in the DF6.2 tables or delete the "weak" rows in the DF3.1 tables. As there usually are only a very limited number of weak elements, that should not be a major problem.
The reason why I use output data from DF3.1 is that the Re and ReT are given for every element, this varies for example in a station. I want to check the Von Mises stresses with f(Reb) manually. This check is not available in the Gerenal option mode of PLE. Consider you have a station with more then 50 weak elements and you have to search in Excel and delete every weak element rows for every Load Case (time consuming). So, the rows with weak element shouldn't be copied to Excel when I use Ctrl+C or it should be hidden in the output table.

This would save me for searching in a database with 5000 elements and 50 weak element rows for every Load Case.

Your request has been assigned ticket no. 1010.
We will look into the possibility to add an option to copy or export data from a table without rows containing weak elements.
However, this will not be the default behaviour, but an table option of some kind. Most of the time table data export is done for reporting purposes, and there the inclusion of weak elements is necessary.