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Full Version: Groups in Multi Table Print
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Is it possible to extend the table options in the Multi Table Print with the groups for output tables. So an user can print table rows for bends, tees, etc.

P Herwig MSc

Hi Shaswin, that's a good idea! This request is assigned to ticket 1008.

Would you think it is useful 1) to specify a (different) group per table, 2) to specify one group for all selected output tables or 3) to specify output tables per group?
An extra tab between 1. Selection tab and 2. Options tab could be created for example a Groups tab. All output tables should be listed here as in the 1. Selection list tab. There should be a table options selection for this list containing all possible groups and all user defined groups. A user could then select multiple output tables and multiple groups.

What do you think?