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Full Version: Extend Multi Graphs with (user-defined) Groups
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Is it possible to extend the Multi Graphs with (user-defined) Groups?
Every Multi Graph Definition should have their own selection of Groups.
Please elaborate.

What groups do you mean? Do you refer to the groups defined by Ple4Win itself or through the GROUPS table?
Or do you want to make a sub-division in the multi-graph definitions you may have defined?
Yes a sub-devision with the possibility to hide/unhide specific groups in the multi graph, so that the output of other groups are not shown in the graphs, but only the selected one. The selection must also be saved in the project file.

What do you think. It would make it more advanced. Cool
We enhanced the MultiGraph-definition possibilities with our latest version. Does the current functionality (new definition, rename definition, copy definition) allow you to show the graphs you want?
The current functionality (Ple4Win v4.2.0) is good enough. It is now also in alphabetical order. This is very good, I don't have search in the definition list.