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Full Version: Independent GROUPS input table
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Is it possible to remove the GROUPS input table outside the PLE functions. Sometimes you want to add an extra group after a complete PLE calculation.

A user have to set back to function 2 to add extra groups. So all functions must be calculated again and it is certainly time consuming.

I think that this table isn't really used in the calculations. It is only to view special rows.

Possible solution:
A user have to click a button so that the Menu toolbar are updated with the latest added user defined groups (without calculating the whole system again). There must be check for the used idents/ax-lp/ax-l/node/elem are valid when updating the menu toolbar with the user defined groups.
This request has been assigned ticket no. 1027.

We will look into it, however, this might imply a fundamental change "under the bonnet". So far, all input data (tables) are bound to a design function. They have to be part of a DF, otherwise e.g. testing is not possible. Furthermore, there is currently no place to store/show DF-independant tables.

We will take your suggesting into account. We normally do not encounter your situation very often. Most of the times DF2 has to be recalcuated a couple of times to get all groups right (which is quick). Afterwards, there is no need to change the groups as all of the "interesting points" are known once the pipeline is modeled.