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Full Version: Warning stop joint
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What is the cause of this warning?


Iteration process will not be satisfied (within MAXGIT=50) due to this warning, can someone explain it.

As this is an undocumented, internal error it is very difficult to determine what exactly is happening from the screen shot alone.

Would it be possible to mail us the project files where this error occurs?
The project file has been sent to you.
Thank you for the project files.
We assigned ticket no. 1035 to this issue.

It took a while to figure this one out as the code generating the warning message was buggy Angry

The problem is that in your case the program has difficulties filling the ADDCROS output table. With SOILNB filled and a pipeline with joints the program does not find a solution even after 250 iterations (Warning "ADDCROS iteration stopped (>250)").
At that point 2 of your joints exceed the maximum angle they can bend (those are the "Stop joint..." warnings, ???????? should read SOILNB, 0 should be the node number of the joint).

As no equilibrium was found, the data of the last iteration might be close to equilibrium, or way off. There is no way to tell.

Currently, there is no easy way in your case to allow the program to successfully calculate DF6.1. It might help to allow a larger maximum angle in the joints, maybe the data in SOILNB can be changed, it is a matter of trial-and-error.

We keep improving the iteration process(es) in Ple4Win. As a result of your thread in this forum, we have changed the ADDCROS-iteration process so that the next version (yes, there will be one shortly Big Grin ) will find a solution.