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Full Version: No supports possible in inclined parts of the pipeline
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When you have a support in the inclined part of the pipeline (with an angle let say for example 30 degrees) an error will occur. Ple4Win doesn't allow supports in the inclined parts with high angles. The function will be stopped.

This warning will be given:


Why do you give this error?

Theoretically it is possible to calculate support forces in an inclined part of a beam.
Ple4Win does allow supports on inclined parts of the pipeline. However, a warning is given if the inclination is greater than 5 deg., an error occurs if the inclination is grater than 20 deg. This is done because the way support forces are currently calculated is only valid for more or less horizontal supports.

We assigned ticket no. 1053 to your request.

P Herwig MSc

As from version 4.2.0 no error is given for a support at a steep slope. However warning W330/3 is written to the Warning table to indicate the vertical angle of the pipeline at the position of the support, defined in the local coordinate system, is greater than 20 degrees.