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Full Version: Possibility to view detailed stresses of all elements
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Is it possible to add a feature to view detailed stresses from a specific element without running function 6,2, table SECTION?

Currently it is possible to view detailed stresses for the last calculated element (Additional Output Tables), like TSTRESS and MSTRESS. It is not handy when you have to do a check for cyclic loadings for many elements.
If I understand it correctly, you want to be able to view detailed stresses for any element after calculation DF6.2, correct?

Theoretically, that is possible, as all elements are calculated, so the data exists at one point or another. However, so far we have chosen to store only the detailed data of the last element. This is done to limit the size of the project file. If all data calculated would be stored, a massive rkd-file would be the result, especially with projects having a large number of elements. That would lead to computer problems (files > 4 Gb in FAT32-drives) and/or to very slow access of the calculated data (scan and search across files way to big to be buffered in memory as a whole).

Still, we will note your wish and will discuss if we should implement such an option in a future version of Ple4Win. Ticket no. 1054 has been assigned to this wish.

P Herwig MSc

This wish is repeated here: I will close this thread.