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Full Version: To integrate Theoretical Manual in the help file of Ple4Win
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The theoretical manual which was released for the DOS version of PLE is not fully included/updated in the Help file of Ple4Win.

It is partly covered. It would make searching very fast and make the help file more complete.

We are working on that.
However, converting the theoretical manual to a help file and updating / modernizing it is a large task, so it may still take a while.

Jens Foerster
Jens, a lot of converting work has already been done in the latest helpfile for Ple4Win v4.2.1.

The most important are the figures, which are given in the theoretical manual for example for the output tables; these figures gave a good orientatation point. Most of them are still missing in the current helpfile. A lot of tips and explaination that was given in software notices for the legacy PLE 3 should also be included in the helpfile. For some reason these notices has been removed from the Ple4Win website. Okay, some of the notices were indeed outdated, but some were very handy.

I know you are working on it. Cool
Hi Shaswin,

Apologies for not having the theoretical manual in the help file yet.
We are aware that it could be very useful for Ple4Win users if the theoretical manual is included in the help file.
Unfortunately, this task has lower priority than other issues in the past. So, yes... we're still working on it. Shy
However, we're making some progress in this matter.
Thanks for reminding and for your understanding.

Kind regards,