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Full Version: Load factor table for internal pressure (load case 2 NEN3650)
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Is it possible to add an extra load factor table in Ple4Win for internal pressure (calculation load case 2 of NEN3650).

The load factor 1,25 (for internal pressure) is hardcoded in PLE. We would like to change the factor in some cases. Like for example in Rotterdam we use according to the Handbook Rotterdam higher values.

I know you can calculate using the General mode option. This is very time consuming.

It would make it much easier if we could change the load factor. A warning can be added in the warning list when the default value is changed (according to the NEN3650 the dafault value is 1,25).


We will discuss the issue internally.

The main problem is that if we allow the internal pressure load factor to change, you are no longer calculating according to NEN3650 while using the NEN3650-option. So a NEN3650 calculation is performed that actually is not a valid NEN3650 calculation...

Jens Foerster
The calculation procedure is the same as the NEN3650 except you have higher load factors for primary loads.

The only difference between a Rotterdam and NEN3650 calculation is in the LOAD CASE and SUPPORT ANGLE table:
- Load factor internal pressure is changed from 1,25 to for example 1,88 (it is yet not possible to modify this in Ple4Win in the NEN3650 option module);
- Load factor for PRESS-F (LC4) is changed from 1,15 to for example 1,88;
- Load factor for DEADW-F is changed from 1,1 to for example 1,88;
- Load factor for NODAL-F forces is changed from 1,1 to for example 1,88;
- ANGMIN in support angle table is changed from 70 to 90 degrees.