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Full Version: Ctrl+Shift behaviour leads to unhandled program error
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Affected version: Ple4Win 4.2.0
Reproducible: Always

Step 1: Open a completely processed project file and go to the table CSTRMAX in DF6.2 (Analysis Type: General);

Step 2: Press Ctrl button on your keyboard and select the ELEM column and select then the MOHR1-M table. The Ctrl button should be still pressed and press also the Shift button, so the Ctrl and Shift button are pressed together and deselect the ELEM column by clicking with your mouse on the line between yellow and green coloured cell below the ELEM title text.

After this you will get this unhandled program error:

When you use other columns and use the Ctrl+Shift button together you may get this unhandled program error if you click on the line below the text:
We were not (yet) able to reproduce the first error message, but we found a way to reproduce the second one. If you select any column in a table, then press <Ctrl> and <Shift> together and hold them, then click anywhere on the yellow cell of theat colum and start dragging, the error occurs.
We have to investigate what is happening here, we assigned ticket no 1120 to it.
These errors were reproduced in the Educational version v4.2.0. So, it can be that the first error can't be reproduced in the professional version.