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Full Version: Traffic Loading Wizard
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Is it possible to make a wizard in Ple4Win for calculating the traffic loading (for DF6.1)?

These 4 situations should be taken into account according to NEN 3650-1:
1. Load Model 3
2. Fatigue Load Model 2
3. Half value of Fatigue Load Model 2
4. No traffic loading

The wizard can use the same way of identifying as the Soil Model Wizard.
The user would select one of these options at an certain identifier (IDENT).

I have done some research and created an Excel sheet for calculating the Topload according to Braunstorfinger-Boussinesq. I will send you the sheet. It may help you in some way. The posiition x and y needs to be optimized in the macro (The calculating time will be then higher).

Remark: The graphs of the traffic loadings given in Figure C.17 of NEN 3650-1:2003 are not very accurate.

P Herwig MSc

Hi Shaswin,

Your request is noted as ticket 1131. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!