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Full Version: Option to hide startup splash screen of Ple4Win 4.1.1
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Is it possible to add an option to hide the startup splash screen information when opening Ple4Win. OK when starting for the first time it is logical to show this information, but after that it is unnecessary. It is slowing down the starting up proces of Ple4Win.

This information can always be checked when clicking the Ple4Win icon on the toolbar.

The splash screen is not slowing Ple4Win down during startup. While it is shown, all kinds of program activity is happening invisibly in the background, as is indicated by the progress bar. Not showing the splash screen would lead to a situation in which after double-clicking the program icon nothing would show on the screen, leading to confusion whether Windows actually is starting the program or not.

Jens Foerster
OK, it is clear now.