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Full Version: Roadmap Legend panel is missing after Show default panels-layout
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Affected version: Ple4Win v4.2.0
Reproducible: Always

Steps to reproduce this issue:
Step 1: Open a fully processed project file with Ple4Win;
Step 2: Select in the menu bar View -> Other panels -> Roadmap Legend. The Roadmap LEgend panel will be active then;
Step 3: Click on the "Show default panels-layout."-button in the View toolbar or select View -> Default View;

After step 3 the Roadmap Legend will disappear from the screen. If you go to View -> Other panels -> Roadmap Legend, you will see that the Roadmap is selected, but the panel is missing now (not viewable).

All other active panels are working correctly and will be set on default view.
It is correct that the roadmap-legend will disappear if the default view is selected (as it is not part of the default view). However, you are right about the checkmarks in the menu. Sometime the menu is not (correctly) updated if panels are shown or hidden.
We assigned ticket no. 1130 to this issue.

P Herwig MSc

This issue has been fixed in the mean time.