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Full Version: Error E620/E*
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Hi, everyone,

I have met one error during the calculation. E620/E*, which says "Calculation of elements not successful". But when I open a new file and import all the data from the crashed file, it calculates successfully.

Does anyone know what kind of bug is it? Thanks

Cheers Peipei

I did encouter this bug several times. It is related to this reported bug. It has been confirmed.

The issue has been registered under ticket no 1124.

Shaswin is right, this bug is already filed as ticket no. 1124.

The error message is a "summary error", indicating that calculation of the deformation of an element (or elements) in DF6.2 was not successful. Somehow the actual messages indicating why the calculation(s) failed are not generated. That is the main issue we have to fix.
As far as we can see at this moment, the error E620/E* most likely indicated extreme ovalisation (greater than 15% of the diameter).