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Full Version: Row numbering of STATUS table
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Affected version: Ple4Win Educational v4.2.0

There are two issues here.
1. Row numbering column is missing in the STATUS table. You have to count the row numbers manually if you want to jump to a specific row from the "Jump to specific row"-button;
2. When you select a column of the STATUS table (clicking with your mouse on the green title row) an extra row is added with no reason in the selected column, see printscreen below:

Row numbers are not really useful in the STATUS table, as is the "jump to" functionality. We will disable it for this table.
The selection issue is weird, we will look into it.

This issue has been assigned ticket no. 1150.
About the "extra row": That is an illusion. Even if selected, the light-gray lines retain their light-gray appearance. The texts however change from black to white, making it look like there are empty lines added. If you look closely you can still see the texts.

For the next version of the program we will change this visual style, the selection will be clearly visible then.