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Full Version: Additional Group name for overstressed elements
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Is it possible to create automatically an extra GROUP name for the stresses, strains and deformations output tables when there is for example an overstress. So, that all overstressed elements are only shown when this group is selected.

It would be also handy to select the overstress elements group as a subgroup in other groups (e.g. bends, tees, straight pipes, and so on).
We will look into the groups-functionality in the future. Additional automatically generated groups are possible. We will take your idea into consideration.
Nested groups (overstressed elements in bends) are a bit more complicated and I am not sure whether the added complexity (for the user) is worth it. But we will keep your idea in mind.
This issue has been assigned ticket no. 1147.
It should be a challenge Cool to develop the nested function.