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Full Version: Possibility to destroy a Design Function
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Possibility to destroy a Design Function in one time with a mouse click on a button.
This button can be positioned in the Overview panel on the right side of the screen below the "Stop this function" button.

Currently it is only possible to destroy only one input table at once.
I suppose by "destroy" you mean clearing data from a table/design function.
We could implement the functionality to clear all data from a design function, but is that something that users commonly do? I do not really see an added value here. Even clearing a whole table is something that is normally not done very often...
Yes, I mean clearing the data from all tables.

For example if you have filled DF3.2 (Soil Parameters) and your POLYDIF configurations has been changed. The best solution is to clear all data of the input tables in DF3.2 and copy paste it again from Excel based on the latest POLYDIF configuration.

This wish has a low priority by the way.
I forgot to mention, we filed your request as ticket no. J-298.