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Full Version: NodeElemXCoor() error
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Version: Ple4Win v4.2.0

When viewing a Single Graph or adding the selected columns to the Multi Graph in the IDENTS output table a bug error will occur when you select the Node column for the x-axis.

Bug error when viewing a Single Graph:

Bug error when adding the selected columns to the Multi Graph:

This bug should not occur, normally this popup should appear:

Other output tables with partly nodes/elements in the column may be also affected.
Thank you for mentioning this bug, it has been assigned ticket no. 1148.

The underlying problem shows when adding to a MultiGraph: In tables such as IDENTS the NODE-column is a special case, but the program tries to handle it the same way as a 'normal' nodes-column. We will have to work on this issue. The column selection you gave should be plotable, an informational message of "can not plot columns containing texts" would be wrong here as there are no text-columns involved.