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Full Version: SWEIGHT factor for PE pipe
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I have one question about the "SWEIGHT" factor.

According to NEN 3650-3 Table 3, the α_σ is 0.65 for PE 100 pipe, this value is valid for axiale direction and tangential direction as well.

In function 6.2 of Ple4Win 4.2.0, I have to fill in the stress factor for all the components.

SXUB0: stress due to ax. force
SXUB1: stress due to ax. bend. mom.
SXUBH: stree due to higher harm. of bend. mom.
SXIOSH: weighting factor ax. stress (moment)
SFIOSH: weighting factor circ. stress (moment)
SFUBA: weighting factor hoop stress
SFURA: weighting factor circ. normal stress
SXIORA: weighting factor ax. stress (soil)
SFIORA: weighting factor circ. stress (soil)

Does anyone know where to fill the 0.65 exactly? Only the weighting factor columns or all the other columns except the weighting factor for hoop stress?

Factor 0.65 should be used in the following columns: SXUB1, SXUBH, SXIOSH, SFIOSH, SXIORA and SFIORA.
Factor 1 should be used in the following columns: SXUB0, SFUBA and SFURA.

Marco Lammers.