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Full Version: Node generator IDENT list
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Currently Ple4Win doesn't add an extra node in the IDENT list when an ADIDENT is used with an exact location. In the current version Ple4Win uses the nearest node from the IDENT list. The location of this ADIDENT is dependant of the element length in the POLYDIF table.

A wish is also to add an extra column in the ADIDENT table like the SUPPORT table to give the location of the ADIDENT from an IDENT.

ADIDENTs should be then also allowed in the SUPPORT table.

The second point is possible, maybe after some thinking it through.
The first and third point are very complicated and will most likely not be implemented very soon. Currently assigning idents from ADDIDENT to nodes is the last thing done in design function 2, so all nodes are already generated. That is the reason it is not easy to add nodes for additional idents (plus questions such as what to do if the location of the ADIDENT is very close to a node and would result in a very small element?) or to use an additional ident as ident in SUPPORT .

We added your requests to our list of possible improvements. This issue has been assigned ticket no. J-319.