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Full Version: Bug of bend component
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Hi, everyone,

Recently I find a strange situation in my model.

The bend radius of one component which in the input table of "POLYDIF" is 1981.2mm. However, this bend radius is 0 in the output table "SHAPEP". See component 25VB2.

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Is there anyone ever had this problem?


P Herwig MSc

Hi peipei,

I checked your issue with a colleague. The Radius is set to 0 in SHAPEP because the calculated bend length becomes less then 0.2 times the specified bend element length (in POLYDIF). In your case the bend length is approximately 8 [mm] whilst the specified bend element length is 50 [mm].

If I am correct you should have got warning W200/4: "Zero bend angle with radius". Unfortunately this is not a very proper warning for this situation since the bend angle is not near zero, but the calculated element length is too small. The warning will be either adapted or a new warning will be added to notify the user that the Radius is set to 0 due to a bend length less then 0.2 times the specified bend element length. This issue is noted as ticket J-335.
Hi, Herwig,

Thanks for the reply. What is your suggestion in this case?

P Herwig MSc

Hi peipei,

If you are sure that you want this very small bend, reduce the bend element length for 25BV2 in the POLYDIF table (a lenght of 30 [mm] should do). This change might require you to reduce the length of adjacent elements as well.

P Herwig MSc

This warning description was extended in version 4.2.2.