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Full Version: Copy data in connect table goes wrong
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I want to copy a row in the connect table.

I paste the data in the row below it, but i get the following message.

It did not copy the Teeref column because there are more then 7 characters ???.
T900600 are 7 characters Confused.

P Herwig MSc

Hi Aarts,

What I notice on the provided screenshot is that the ending quote (') is on a new line. Apparently T900600 has a (invisible) "carriage return" character at the end. This character was included in the copy action (from text/Excel file?) and also pasted in the grid.

In future versions we want to suppress these kind of characters. The issue is already noted in our issue-tracker. Your reference is J-338.

If you remove the last character in 'T900600 ' or retype 'T900600' it should work. My apologies for the inconvenience.

P Herwig MSc

This issue was resolved in version 4.2.3.