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Full Version: NEN 3651
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The new Dutch standard, NEN 3651 has appeared in June 2012 in addition to the standard NEN 3650 special among others for the calculation of primary and secundary embankments.

Wish would be to expand PLE4WIN in function 1 the Analysis Type with the standard "NEN 3651". And by choosing this type the calculation of the pipe would be in accordance to this standard.

Because NEN 3651 is an addition to the standard NEN 3650, the current calculation method in PLE4WIN, which is based on NEN 3650, should be only expanded for NEN 3651.
The wish above can be combined with this wish.
You are right, (parts of) NEN3651 could be implemented in Ple4WEin. The overlap with the wish by shaswin is large, so both forum threads are combined as ticket no. 997. It's priority has been increased.