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Full Version: Bug Multi-Graph when using secondary database
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Version: Ple4Win Professional v4.2.2 build 12112
Reproducible: Always

When the primary and secondary project file has the same file name, you can't use the Multi-Graph Definition anymore after importing the definitions from the secondary database.

When you click on the pull-down button, see printscreen 1 below you will get an error. The Multi-Graphs definitions are not available.

Printscreen 1:

The following error will appear:

Printscreen 2:

Printscreen 3:
I think I can reproduce the issue, but I am not sure I understand your problem correctly...
You have two projects with the same name (which obviously must reside in different directories), and you copy the multigraph-definitions using the icon on the multigraph definitions panel, correct?
Sometimes, but not always, I get an OldDb error similar to the one you mentioned above.

We will further look into this, we assigned ticket no. 1163 to this issue
Yes, correct. In version 4.2.1 you couldn't use a secondary database with same filename from a another directory. This was made available in version version 4.2.2, but somehow the definitions didn't worked correctly after an import of the definitions from the secondary database.
This bug is related to this bug.

It looks like it is fixed in v4.4.0.
Actually, as far as I can tell, this issue was resolved with program version 4.3.0. Somehow we did not mention it on the forum then.
Okay, you can close this topic.