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Full Version: Extending soil parameter tables (DF3.2) with jump of uncertainty factors
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Currently it is not possible to jump in uncertainty factors in the soil parameters. This is the case when you have a discontinuity in the soil, for example from clay to sand.

UNCF-L UNCF-H should be changed into UNCF1-L, UNCF1-H, UNCF2-L and UNCF2-H.

The jump of friction factors is already possible.

Currently there is a workaround for this: use a small distance in the identifiers to create the jump.

We are aware of this issue, your request is already noted as issue 1135.
We did not change the behaviour on purpose at this time. The reason is that currently input tables can only have a limited total size. If columns are added, the maximum number of rows the table can hold reduces, even if the new columns are not used. Soil tables with UNCF1 and UNCF2-column would become quite wide, allowing only relative few data rows.
The size limitation is a complex issue to solve, we are working on it. Once the allowable size is increased significantly, we will implement your request.