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Full Version: Copying TYPE from TEESPEC to Excel
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Version: Ple4Win Professional 4.2.2 build 12120

When you copy the input table TEESPEC from Ple4Win to Excel the name will be different in Excel.

The TYPE is given in the legacy PLE3 names when it is copied into Excel.

Ple4Win (ShortName) => Excel
Reinforced => REIN
Welded => WELD
If you export the table, then the correct types are shown. With copy-and-paste actions from Ple4Win to Excel the original short names are used.
This is to motivate users to buy the Export module Tongue
Actually, it isn't, it is a bug in the copy-and-paste functionality Undecided
It is the same bug already mentioned in this thread. Therefore this issue is handled together with ticket no J-364.

P Herwig MSc

This issue was resolved in 4.3.0.