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Full Version: Deleted connect matrix table in Ple4Win
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Version: Ple4Win Professional 4.2.2 build 12120


I do get a message M500/C* in the Warning table. This message is new to me. I didn't get this warning in the earlier versions of Ple4Win.


What does this mean.... I think this is a bug.

This issue solves when you use higher KF (=F/UF) values.
This message is not a bug. Most messages/warnings/errors ending with "*" are relatively new and it has not yet been decided whether theses should be internal messages (undocumented) or official messages (ending on a number, documented). This one most likely will be either internal or removed completely. We assigned ticket J-372 to this issue.

P Herwig MSc

This message was removed in version 4.2.3.