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Full Version: Wish for output table
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I noticed that most of output tables are given in nodes or elements. This gives inconvenience if the user would like to find the information about the component which is already defined in POLYDIF, especially when there are planty of these certain components.

It would be nicer if all the output tables have an extra colomn which gives all the idents which are already defined in POLYDIF. It will cost much less energy to search the node of interesting points and then find the corresponding information at the node/element.

This idea comes out from a recent project which forcus on the force, moment and stress at all the defined flang idents, which cost me a lot of time searching all the corresponding nodes.

The "Identification names" (IDENTS) table in design function 2 does give you a complete list of node numbers of idents.
However, you idea might speed things up a bit if you are looking for specific idents. We added your idea to our internal wish list, we assigned ticket no J-373 to this issue.