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Full Version: Tooltip with number of selected rows
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Is it possible to give in Ple4Win a tooltip when I have selected for example 10 rows in an input table near the selection with the text inside "10 selected rows". So I can know how many rows I can insert for example without counting them manually.

If this isn't possible then an other solution can be, to give the data dynamically in the status bar.

I am not quite sure what this functionality is needed for. For pasteing in Excel?

What information would you like to see? Only the number of rows selected? Or the number of columns as well? If the row count only, do you want to see it as well if selecting columns only of if selecting a cell range?
To show the rows and columns is better, so the dimension of the matrix can be verified easily when copying (Ctrl+C) from Excel to Ple4Win or from Ple4Win to Excel. Otherwise you might overwite existing Ple4Win Cells if you count manually wrong. For deleting or inserting rows the Rows value is of importance. You can't delete or insert columns in Ple4Win.

Your idea of giving the columns value as well is a good when one wants to copy partly data tables.

P Herwig MSc

I would opt to show the selection size in the status bar. Somewhat similar to how Excel shows it:
Yes, that is a good idea.

P Herwig MSc

Thanks for your input. I registered it as J-384.