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Full Version: Incorrect error E500/96 in NEN 3650 Analysis Type mode
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Version: Ple4Win Professional version 4.2.2 build 12120

I am getting an error when I want to do a calculation in the NEN 3650 analysis type mode. The Q-module isn't normally available in this analysis type. The key I used doesn't has the Q-module. According to the printscreen below I am doing a Non-Lineair calculation with a Non-Ovalising section model (so no Q-module is needed).

I don't understand this warning:

According to the helpfile this is the case:

I will sent the project file for further analysis to
Did you set back to the first design funtion? When doing calculations on a project generated with a dongle having more program modules than the current one it is advisable that you set back to DF1, let the program set the options as is now possible and recalculate from there.
This should usually do the trick.

We are aware that there might still be issues with recalculations using a more restrictive dongle, and we are working on this. For references, ticket no. J-386 has been assigned.

If the program still aborts recalculations indication "Module 'x' is missing, can't...", open a new empty project and copy the data from the original project using it as secondary database. Use the option "All non-locked input tables plus project options and multi graph definitions", not "The full database". The project can then be recalculated from DF1.
The workaround with the secondary database worked. Thanks.

P Herwig MSc

The issue was resolved in version 4.3.0.