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Full Version: PAN tool and checking
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1) Function 6.2: You have to click exactly in the boxes to check them.
Wish: Click the text next to the boxes to check the boxes.

2) In Single Graph and Multi Graph it would be friendly to have a PAN tool to move the graph as wished.

Thank you.
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You are right, clicking on texts below icons (for example `calculate & lock` or 'start soil wizard`) has the same effect as if clicking on the icon itself. This should also be the case with the checkboxes for Input-, Output- and Interest tables. It is a small oversight, it will be corrected with the next version of the program. See also this thread.

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With Single Graphs and Multi Graphs you already have the possibility to pan using the blue arrows at the borders of the graph. A mouse pan can be implemented, but than extra mouse moves and clicks are necessary to switch between zoom and pan functionality.
We will discuss this request, it has been assigned ticket no. J392