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Full Version: Multi-Graphs evolving
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When in pipe data (function 3.1) it is possible to declare different (an)isotropic materials along with each an according yield strength.

If in a pipeline different materials are used which is often the case when installing a new pipeline, there is a limitation in strength for each material.

Wish: to be able to enter different Y-references for a certain X-interval.

The easiest way to do this, is to add the white color to the set of colours that are already present in the program.

P.S. When a section of the pipeline falls under NEN 3651, the stresses and deformations are also multiplied by a certain safety factor. An other Y-reference applies for this section too.

To show what I am aiming for, I have added two images to this thread. I adjusted one of these images, so now it shows that no calculated stresses exceed the allowed stress according to NEN 3650.
We will take your idea into consideration. I am not quite sure I understand what the use of a white colour is though.

Most likely we will add a feature allowing the user to add a user-defined curve to the MultiGraph. This allows for greater flexibility and is more user-friendly than adding even more columns to the curve setup grid.

This request has been assigned ticket J-393.