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Full Version: Unhandled program error after closing with Crtl+Alt+Del
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Version: Ple4Win Professional v4.2.3


If Ple4Win is closed with Crtl+Alt+Del, because a wrong the Excel table was pasted on a wrong column a unhandled program error may occur. It is always reproducible.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
1. Close an existing project file in the taskmanager of Windows with Ctrl+Alt+Del without saving.
2. After closing Ple4Win and opening Ple4Win this warning is given:
3. When you click on the "OK"-button, the following unhandled program error will appear instead of opening the project file:

This issue also happens when one accidently remove the hardware key during a project. And close ple4Win afterwards and opens the project file again.
We haven't encountered this behaviour yet, as far as I can tell. However, I am not sure what you mean by "closing Ple4Win with Crtl+Alt+Del"...
The keyboard combination <Ctrl><Alt><Del> shows a Windows screen which allows you to switch user, log off, lock the computer, change the passsword or start the task manager (which is the main reason for using <Ctrl><Alt><Del>). Do you mean that you use the task manager to close Ple4Win?
Yes the taskmanager is used to close Ple4Win in case Ple4Win is not responding. Try to close for example a normal project file with the taskmanager and follow the steps.
I finally managed to reproduce your issue here as well.
As far as I can tell it is a Windows issue: By "killing" the program through the Taskmanager Windows is not correctly informed about the status of temporary files. The operating system still considers theses files as being in use (while they aren't), so generating a new file with the same name will give the mentioned error.

A workaround I noticed does always work here is to start Ple4Win after a "kill" not by double-clicking your project file, but by double-clicking the Ple4Win desktop item. In other words, start Ple4Win without a project. Then open your project through the file menu, the last used project can be found at the top of the list with recently used projects.

I am not sure we can do a lot about the current behaviour, "killing" a program is always risky and very often has unwanted side effects...