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Full Version: Multi-graphs for 'Groups'
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In the Multi-graph it is possible to select x-min en x-max for a certain graph in the making. If numerous groups have been made in DF 2, it would be efficient if a certain group from a list of made groups can be selected instead of giving a value for x-min and x-max.

(Making the work for Multi-graphing the results of each group easier)
Currently, if you select a group before adding graphs to a MultiGraph, the y-axis limits are automatically changed to show only the range of the data in the selected group. The x-axis limits are not changed. This is identical to what you see with the SingleGraph. And it is done on purpose, if you select a group, you only see the data of that group, but still at the correct position along the pipeline axis.

In your case apparently all elements of the group are in one region, somewhere along the pipeline. I can imagine that you would like to change the x-axis limits in this case. However, with other groups there might be gaps between group elements. Do you also want to eliminate these gaps? If not, are the gaps between the start of the pipeline and the first group element or between the last element and the end of the pipeline less important than gaps between group elements? That's why we keep the x-axis unscaled.