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Full Version: Exporting tables to vector format
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Currently it is not possible to export input and output tables to a vector format (*.png, *.wmf). It would be handy to have a button (see for example the SingleGraph) to plot the Ple4Win tables. The button can be added in the panel area.

If a table has more then 1 page an extension should be added in the filename like PIPEDIM_1.png for page 1 PIPEDIM_2.png for page 2 and so on.

The print layout of the tables and graphs output in a vector format output can be changed in the Ple4Win Options form, so that an user can choose between a Portrait and Landscape vector format output. By default Portrait should be selected for the 'tables' and Landscape for the 'graphs' (SingleGraph and MultiGraph).

P Herwig MSc

Hi Shaswin, thanks for your input. In order to get a better understanding of your request: For what reason would you like to export a table as an image? To get it smoothly embedded within a (Word?) report (appendix)? Or for another reason?

Grateful for your feedback.
Yes, this is indeed for loading it smoothly into a Word report appendix using a VBA macro. Using a third party image printer gives sometimes problems, because of loading and calculation timings (due to CPU speed, memory, etc). So it is better that Ple4Win has an internal image printer for the tables.

It would also be handy to have it in the last phase of the Multi Table Print Wizard.


P Herwig MSc

Hi Shaswin, what about an option to export the tables directly into a Word Document? Or would you prefer to use images?
I prefer images instead of a Word document, because you can stretch and trim a picture with a VBA macro and can give an own Word Lay-out to it and combine it with Multi Graphs, other Load Cases and Excel pictures where cyclic Loading calculations has been done. When an user wants to plot a table a popup should appear asking the filename and folder location for saving the vector format file. Tables with more then 1 page should be extended with the page number given in the first post. We can then automate exporting from Ple4Win with programs like AutoIt or AutoHotkey.

However it can also be handy to save a Word file for the Multi Table Print Wizard, but it should also have the possibility to save the multi/single graphs which can be selected in the Wizard.

So, I prefer the vector format images, because you can create your own appendix style.

P Herwig MSc

Thanks for your clarification. Your wish is clear and I logged it as issue J-1303.