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Full Version: SOILSUP / LAMBDA horizontal support angle
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In Ple4Win the angle 120 degrees is fixed in the source code. Is it possible to move the fixed angle 120 degrees as an input angle in the SUPANG input table?

According to the helpfile the factor 0.866 (=SIN(120)) is a fixed value:

Ref: Tables Reference > Output Tables > Cross-sectional loading data [CSLOAD] > Data description/Result options / ID: H620511
Ref: Tables Reference > Input Tables > Horizontal soil support / Vertical soil load [LAMBDA] / ID: H610132
Ref: Tables Reference > Input Tables > Horizontal soil support pressure [SOILSUP] / ID: H610152

I have some situations where the horizontal support angle gamma can be greater then 120 degrees if we do a vertical projection of the horizontal support angle 120 degrees for example for hot pipelines (PE-PUR-steel). The angle is greater then 120 degrees on the steel pipe due to the projection. The moment coefficients and deflection coefficients can be calculated according to the 'Geo-Tubomechanica':


0.866 should be variable when it is moved from from the fixed code. More reason to apply this is given here.
In most cases it is relatively easy to re-calculate values if the actual horizontal support angle is not 120 degrees.
We discussed this issue in the past and then decided to give it a low priority. However, there are discussions going on to increase its priority. Your wish and remarks are fuelling those discussions...
So, this wish is part of our to-do list, for this forum I assigned ticket no J-1733 to it.