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Full Version: To Extent the connect nodes in the Tee groups
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Is it possible to extend the GROUP list with Tees+Connects, see printscreen below:

The text in the group menu should be changed then:
'Tees (Branch)' should be replaced with 'Tees+Connects (Branch)'
'Tees (Run)' should be replaced with 'Tees+Connects (Run)'
'Tees (all)' should be replaced with 'Tees+Connects (all)'

Currently PLE (version 4.2.3 and lower) isn't showing the CONNECTS nodes in the tee groups, see printscreen below. I want to see for example displacements at certain connecting nodes. Now one has to manually scroll to the concerned connect node(s).

This extension is very simple to add in the list and would be very helpful.


P Herwig MSc

In the upcoming release we've added a 'Connections' group which lists the connection nodes (fixed connections, rollers and tees) in node-oriented tables.