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Full Version: Extension for 3D tool
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Due to strange displacementscurves in a calculation I want to verify some of the calculated results in PLE with a linear UI tool in the Pipeline Overview with at least three possibilities:
1. To calculate distances between two points(X,Y,Z) in the Pipeline overview;
2. To calculate linear distances between multiple connected points (X,Y,Z) in the Pipeline overview;
3. To calculate the distance from a nearest pipeline node perpendicular on the selected displacement graph (U-AX, U-LAT) in the Pipeline Overview.

One can calculate this manually or view this in Single Graphs or Multiple Graphs. It should be a better User Interface if the Pipeline Overview (plotplan) also has a measure tool which can be activated with the mouse pad. One can measure quickly some displacements.

This can be added in the upcoming 3D tool in may 2014.

We noted your request as ticket J-1417.
It will not be part of the upcoming release as it is not a trivial thing to add and also because we are already in the testing phase.