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Full Version: Bugs in Multi Table: Print
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Affected version: Ple4Win Professional v4.3.0 build 14120

Steps to reproduce the issue of bug 1:

Step 1: Open the Multi Table Print Window;
Step 2: Select table order 'Type of table, Design Function';
Step 3: Click on the 'Show Empty tables' selection box (if this is not selected the bug will not occur);
Step 4: Click on the 'Next' button;
Step 5: Change the table order in 'Design Function, Type of table';
Step 6: Click on the 'Previous' button.

After step 6 some Design Functions cannot be minimized. The tables are also unavailable, see printscreens below:



Another bug is in '2. Options'. See the steps to reproduce the issue of bug 2 below:
Step 1: Select some table which you want to print in the '1. selection';
Step 2: Click on the 'Next' button, see example below:
Step 3: Click on the red box so the following will screen will appear:
Step 4: Click now on one of the optionbutton for the rows to be printed. This is not working (bug). This happens also if you select the 'Output Tables, see screenshot below:
Thank you for contacting us about this issue.
We verified that the first situation you described is indeed a bug, we assigned ticket no. J-1629 to it.

I am not sure whether I understand the second "bug" correctly, it might be an 'as-designed' situation.
If, as shown in the last picture and the picture before that, only a design function (folder icon) or type (folder icon) is selected, then changing the rows to be printed does indeed have no effect, as these options only influence tables (table icon). And no table is selected.
If the situation is as shown as in the first picture concerning this "bug", then changing the rows to be printed-option does have effect, as at least one table is selected.

It can be discussed if functionality should be added to change the rows to be printed of all "sub-tables" if a type or design function is selected. I think this would introduce a great possibility for erronous changes. But prior to this discussion I want to be sure I understand your problem.
This functionality can be added for the second bug:
If the folder icon is selected all sub-tables should be selected. This way the printed-option would work.
If the folder icon is deselected all sub-tables shoud be deselected then.

It works sometimes faster.
That might be one way to implement such functionality.
But as I said, I am not sure that this would be an improvement. It might help changing a larger number of tables at a time, but it also might frustrate a user that just had manually selected a couple of tables and then suddenly 'unexpectedly' all tables are changed...
OK i get the problem. Don't change (bug 2) it then.