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Full Version: Tutorials are missing
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Version: Ple4Win Professional/Educational v4.3.0

Helpfile Ref: Getting Started > Tutorial Projects / ID: Tutorial_Projects

According to the helpfile Ple4Win also comes with a number useful tutorials. The tutorials should be located by default in this folder "C:\Users\Name\Documents\Ple4Win\Sample Projects"

The folder above and tutorials are missing. Note that the project databases (tutorials) created with the Educational version are not compatible with the Professional version.
The example projects are not missing, the information on the help file is outdated:
The sample projects are now installed to "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Ple4Win\Sample Projects\".
This was done to allow users access to the sample projects, even if the program was installed by a different user (e.g. through an administrator-account).

We will update the help file accordingly. Thank you for mentioning this error.
This issue is still open and not yet updated in the helpfile of version 4.3.1.
Sorry about this, I'm not sure why it apparently was not fixed with the latest version Sad

I assigned this issue to the next release of our program Cool

P Herwig MSc

Fixed in the upcoming release.