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Full Version: UNITS table cannot be exported and imported
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Affected version: Ple4Win Professional v4.3.0 build 14120

Bug 1:
When I want to export 'Tables to Excel File' the UNITS table is not visible, see printscreen below. So I cannot select it.

The UNITS will be visible when the checkbox of 'Show Empty tables' is activated, but the table will be empty when exporting.

Bug 2:
Importing UNITS table is also not working. DF1 isn't updated after the UNITS table has been imported.

Bug 3:
When you export to an Excel file which is already opened in Excel (filename and path are the same) then this message will appear:
A proper message should be given here, like that the file is opened at the moment.
The UNITS table has to be removed from the Excel import/export functionality, as it is never used. Like other options which can be set in DF1, that data is not stored in a table.

We assigned ticket no. J-1640 to solve 'Bug 1' and 'Bug 2'.

'Bug 3' is not really a bug: The program can not detect whether an Excel-file is opened in Excel or whether is is read-only/ write protected (e.g. on a CD). All the program can detect is that the file exists, and that it is not allowed to write data to it. We will change the bug-message into a warning-message showing the same text.
The empty UNITS table (bug 1) also occurs when you print it through Multi Table Print (so not only exporting to Excel).
It would be nice to keep the UNITS table and get the units data from DF 1 during printing or exporting, because the legacy PLE 3 also contained this table.
it would also be nice to make importing the units table possible from Excel to DF 1.