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Full Version: Legend panel
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Version: Ple4Win v4.3.0

The following legend is missing in the Roadmap legend panel:

The legend given above occurs for example when you 'Calculate and Lock' for example an empty DF2 in the Overview panel. The legend only appears for the required input tables.
By the way this legend doesn't appear in the roadmap. So the name 'Roadmap Legend' in the menu toolbaar View -> Other Panels could be renamed to only 'Legend' which is then valid for all panels (Roadmap+Overview). This is then consistent with the title bar name 'Legend', see below:

In the helpfile the 'Roadmap Legend' should then also be renamed to ony 'Legend' to make it more consistent, see
Ref: Getting Started > The User Interface > Roadmap Legend / ID: Legenda
The picture in this article should be updated when you change the panel.
Also the following sentence should be changed:
'The Roadmap legend panel is an informational panel showing the icons and colours used in the Roadmap panel.'
Change to:
'The Legend panel is an informational panel showing the status icons and colours used in the Roadmap and Overview panel.'

'Partial Data' in the Legend panel should be written as 'Partial data', because other 'data' in the panel are written with a lower-case character.
Actually, the panel is the legend of the roadmap only. It is directly linked to the roadmap-panel.

The table status icons are explained directly to the right of each icon (the corresponding text in the status-column), so there is no need for a legend.
Plus there are more additional table status than only "Missing Data", see the help file (Getting Started - The User Interface - Overview Panel)