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Full Version: Autofit column 'Date & Time' and 'Location' path in JOURNAL table
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Version: Ple4Win Professional/Educational v4.3.0 / 4.3.1 build 15032

Bug 1:
In the printscreen below, you can see that the 'Date & Time' column isn't autofitted automatically on loading of the JOURNAL table by the length of the text in the cells.
In the 'Ple4Win Options' the 'Column fitting' is set on 'Autofit columns'.


Bug 2:
Another issue is the path of the filename (location of project file). In the printscreen above you see that the path 'D:\test'. It looks like the file is in a directory 'test'. This is not the case, the file extension .plexe or .plex is missing. The location should be 'D:\test.plexe' in this case.
I think it is related with DF1. The file extension is also missing here, see printscreen below. The file extension should also be applied in the 'Project Parent' file in DF1.

Extensions should also applied in the 'Project status summary':
About bug 1:
There seems to be an issue with formatting the width of columns containing dates, not only for the JOURNAL table. We will look into this. I assigned ticket no. J-1719 to this bug.

About bug 2:
The situation is actually 'as designed', we omitted the file extension as it is always the same.

The "Project location & filename" is a concatenation of the two input fields "Project Filename" and "Project location" as these are shown in DF1.

The "Project name" is as defined by the input field "Project Name" in DF1 (above "Project Filename").

We decided to show "- - -" when there is no parent- and/or secondary database. This to emphasize that there really is no parent or secondary database.