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Full Version: Calculation Sub-soil bearing capacity [RVS]
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Affected version: Ple4Win Professional v4.3.0

According to the helpfile RVS is calculated (NEN 3650-1:2012) as:

Ref: Wizards > Soil Model Wizard > Methodology > Calculation > Sub-soil bearing capacity [RVS] / ID: Sub-soil_bearing_capacity_RVS

In the NEN 3650-1:2012 the value 0.48 should be 0.5
The 0.48 from the NEN 3650:1992 is not the same 0.48 in the NEN 3650-1:2012 which is taken into account in helpfile. Ple4Win is calculating with a value 0.95 * 0.48 = 0.456 for the first part of the formula.

The 0.95 * 0.5 = 0.475 (approximate 0.48 from the NEN 3650:1992) which is according to the NEN 3650-1:2012.

P Herwig MSc

Correct, thanks! Registered as ticket J-1660 and fixed right away in both the source code and help file (both will become available on next release).