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Full Version: Build number incorrect in patched version when new project file is created
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Affected version: Ple4Win Professional v4.3.0 build 14120

When one opens Ple4Win Professional and you go to the JOURNAL data, the build is not correct in the patched version (see row 2 in printscreen below.


It should be Somehow the main build number is not linked with the build number in the Help -> About screen.
This issue also exists in Ple4Win Professional 4.3.1 build 15032.

The build number is 15031 in the JOURNAL table and in Ple4Win Console, see printscreens below:
It should be build 15032.
I am not sure why this issue occurs, but it seems to be a result of a bug(?) in our programming tool. Somehow an older revision number is reused.
I changed our code to enforce that the correct version information is used throughout the program.

The next version of our program will have this issue resolved.