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Full Version: DF 6.2 roadmap legend issue
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Affected version: Ple4Win Professional v4.3.0 build 14120

I have attached a project file ( where the DF 6.2 roadmap legend changes to a question mark when you click on the DF 6.2.


Look in the JOURNAL for the steps.

There is another issue with the DF 6.2 legend on the roadmap. This is not updated in some cases when one imports a Excel file. It will be a empty legend (white colour) even if data is imported in the SECTION input table. I can't reproduce this one.
Topic is still open...
This is a very strange bug... It took me quite some time to reproduce it, I just recently managed to reproduce the effect.

The thing is, if you open the project, everything looks fine, no (?) anywhere. The erronous DF state can only be entered if you click on the DF6.2 roadmap icon to show the design function, and it only happens if you haven't openend another project before. Weird...

But at least it is reproducable now. I assigned ticket no. J-965 to this bug.

I can not tell yet whether this bug has anything to do with the second issue you mentioned. It is not something we have encountered before. Please let me know if you find a reproducable way to have a wrong DF status after Excel-import.

P Herwig MSc

Fixed in the upcoming release.