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Full Version: Issue 'Idents not increasing warning'
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Affected version: Ple4Win Professional v4.3.0 build 14120

When you have for example two Identifiers on the same node a W320/96 warning is given. In this case you have two bends connecting exactly with each other, see printscreens below.

IDENTS table:

WARNING table:

This warning should not be given if the node number is the same. I have attached an example project file.
One would think that something is wrong with the configuration model, which is not the case here.
Actually, the program is correct. Be it that it reacts in a very computer-like fashion: In your KLH, KLS,... tables you assign soil value to both the D20B16e ident and the D20B17s ident. If you do that, the program notices that there is no distance between those two ident (they are on the same node) and gives a warning indicating this fact.

The program doesn't check whether the two assigned values are the same (they are in this case, but different values are possible), and that is the reason for this warning: Only the last defined value is used (in your case the D20B17s-values).

I agree that there is room for improvement on how to report this situation: If both values are identical, the warning should be suprressed, if they differ, the program should warn that there is 'more than one soil parameter definition for the same location on the pipe'. I assigned ticket no J-1729 for this improvement
This improvement is needed, because in the current situation a user might think that 'not increasing' means that the location might be lower. I agree, to suppress this warning when it is on the same location would be the way to improve it.