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Full Version: Row sequence (position rows) is not updated in the new databases
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The rank problem in DF2 did occur in v4.2.x. Maybe you have fixed it in v4.3.0 when the new table was added.
Then I'll leave it at that. Should this DF2 situation (re)occur again, please let me know.

I have checked all old project files for the ranking issue in DF2. It doesn't exist anymore when a old project file is updated in the new Ple4Win v4.3.x version database, because the ranking is refreshed in v4.3.x in a consistent way due to the new added SISCONF table. This table was unavailable in the v4.2.x and earlier versions. So this issue did exist in the old Ple4Win v4.2.x version but can't be reproduced anymore in the new installed version. So only the DF6.2 ranking issue exist because no new table were added here in the v4.3.x versions.

P Herwig MSc

Fixed in the upcoming release.
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