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Full Version: Row sequence (position rows) is not updated in the new databases
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Affected version: Ple4Win Professional v4.2.x

When a user updates it PLEX database to a new PLEX database. The row sequence position of the tables are not updated conform the row sequence (position rows) of the new database (row sequence of a clean healthy database). The old row sequence is somehow also imported. Due to automation the row sequence in the new database should be the same in updated database with a healthy database or according to the UDM settings file.
I am not sure I understand your problem. Could you elaborate, or give a screenshot of the old / new row sequence (I presume you mean the sequence of tables in the Overview-pane?)
Yes, this happens in the table rows in the Overview panel.
Rows are not always ordered in the same sequence order (between updated project file (pre v4.3.1) and healthy project file (v4.3.1)), especially the output tables rows.

For example the PROFILE row is not always in the same location.
Apparently there is a problem with the update data. To tackle this problem it is important to know the original version of the pre-4.3.1 project. Was it a 4.3.0 project, or an earlier version?
An earlier version (4.2.3).
Sorry, I can't reproduce this issue. As far as I can tell, all older projects starting from version 4.2.0 are correctly updated.

In DF2, the sequence of input tables (after update to v 4.3.1) should be:

In DF2, the sequence of output tables (after update to v 4.3.1) should be:

If you can reproduce a situation where this sequence is not correct after update, please let me know and preferably also send the original (not updated) project file to me. Thanks.

I have a same situation in DF6.2 for the additional output tables, see screenshots. The original database was based on an earlier version then 4.2.0.

Updated pre-v4.3.1:

Original v4.3.1:

The sequence order is not the same. Look the location of the TSTRESS row.

I have attached the project file in this post.
The sequence of the output tables in DF2 are not correct in the same way. But in this case (attached project file) the sequence order of the output tables in DF2 is correct.
Thanks a lot, this helped to track down the problem: There was a typo in the update data from version 4.2.2 to version 4.2.3, which lead to the situation that the "rank" of the RDPLNEN and NENSTRS table was not updated. I assigned ticket no. J-1746 to this bug.
Nice to see that you have tracked the problem down. Does this "rank" or similar problem also apply for DF2?
The PROFILE output table in DF2 was also not on the same location.
I could not find any error concerning the PROFILE table. Its "rank" (the position in the grid in the overview pane) was only changed in v4.3.0 because the CONDATA table was added. So all tables below that (T-CDATA up to AVGRPS) had to move down one position. That seems to work okay, in your sample project as well.
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